Storage Shed Plans – What Style Should You Choose

There are a number of storage shed plans to choose from but they basically come down to five basic styles. The style you go for will very much be determined by the space you need form the storage shed, the space you have to work with in your garden and the look you are trying to achieve.

lean to shed is probably the simplest to construct and takes up the least space because as the name suggests, it is usually constructed next to or attached to an existing building. The design incorporates a single sloping roof running back to the front to encourage the rain to run away from the back of the shed.

cable roof shed consists of two sloped plains meeting at the top in the traditional triangle shape. Two of the side walls are extended upwards in effect like two triangles standing on the square ends to form what is called the Cable End. A variation of this is the barn roof shed is a cable roof with two slopes or pitches on either side. It’s a little more difficult to construct and frame but offers more head room and height space and is a great look when it’s finished.

You will see salt-box style sheds very frequently in use as it is the most popular type of shed built in the U.S. They are distinguished by the long slope at the rear of the roof. The reason for their popularity is that they are easy to build and offer great space on a small footprint. There are plenty of good storage shed plans for the salt-box style so shop around.

The hip roof shed is similar to the cable end but with four slopes to the roof as opposed to two. Here the slops meet at the ridges producing an attractive feature and giving a more quality look and feel to the shed. This style is also used for making garden seated features like pagodas.

With good storage shed plans you don’t need to compromise the look and attractiveness of your shed to achieve the functionality you desire. And, if it looks good, a quality shed can also add to if not the value but certainly the sales appeal of your home.

At the end of the day, there is no limit to what you can achieve. It just needs a little imagination, planning, money (of course) and a set of good storage shed plans. If you are not an experienced D.I.Y person, it may be better to walk before you run. An idea may be to practice buy building a smaller version of what you ultimately want for a shed as a log store for example. But let’s be clear, this is not rocket science. If you plan the project out well, take your time and work to the plan – there is no reason why t you can’t start the build even with no previous experience.