Looking For Cheap Shed Plans?

If you’re planning on constructing a garden or outdoor storage shed you’ll need some kind of strategy. It doesn’t make a difference if you’re a beginner or even a seasoned pro, everyone needs a set of  rules to follow.

Of course, there are lots of ways to acquire free shed designs and plans, but some of these can be hard to find, and you can often spend many hours on a completely fruitless search trying to find the exact blueprint to match your needs.

Now, if you’re a newcomer and the term blueprint frightens you, take it easy. A blueprint is just a simple set of precise drawings that demonstrate  what you will have to know to build your garden shed.

small shed plans

They’re the same as a travel map and simply tell you how you should move from one step to the next, and the tools and techniques you need to make it happen successfully.

So, should you bother with free shed plans? Well, the straight answer is sometimes. But think about this before diving in and downloading those free plans.

How often have you bought an item, and  when you got it home, you wished that you had purchased the deluxe version?

Maybe the basic item lacked some vital information, or maybe it just didn’t go into enough detail. Maybe it wasn’t complete and needed you to figure a whole bunch of stuff out for yourself.

Well, friends, it’s the same with plans.

You go to all the hassle of choosing one, downloading it, then when you actually come to look at the detail, for some reason or other it just isn’t what you need.

Of course, because its free,  you haven’t lost any cash but your time is valuable – and in some cases (like mine) time is money.

If you are in the construction business for example. In any case, nobody wants to spend their whole life searching for the ideal set of plans.

After all its much more fun to actually be building your garden or storage shed.

So, where can you get cheap, but very effective shed plans? Well, unsurprisingly, the answer is to download them from the internet.

The days of walking into your local trade supplier and asking them to draft some plans for you are long gone.

And with architects charging a fortune for their services, most of us need a more cost effective way to get access to a large set of good quality shed plans at short notice.

Thankfully, help is at hand in the form of downloadable shed plans from suppliers such as MyShedPlans and

You can even pick up some free samples which are meant to give you a flavor of how the full set of plans look, and, even though they are free they are very good quality and might even meet your needs.

There are also sites that specialize in certain kinds of sheds such as Chicken coops and even bird house plans – in fact of you can think of a kind of shed, the chances are there’s a site that you can get the plans from.

The plans are mostly downloaded in PDF format meaning that you can print them out or just use them on your laptop in the workshop. The detail is amazing and with over 12,000 sets of plans in the standard pack from MyShedPlans, for example, you will never be short of ideas for your perfect garden shed