Inexpensive Shed Design – Building on a Budget

Building a shed on a budget needn’t be a pipe dream and with a little bit on ingenuity amazing results can be achieved with very little money.

Inexpensive Shed Design Plans

Inexpensive shed design is very much down to planning and making best use of what you have available. A simple storage shed for example can be put together in quick time and last for years without costing hundreds of dollars.

Before deciding on which inexpensive shed design to go for, you need to consider a number of key points. Firstly, and most importantly, what am I going to store in the shed? This is the starting point for everything. Storing your prized vintage Harley is one thing and using as an overspill for little used, low value household items is something else altogether.

Inexpensive Shed Design Considerations

You will need to think about:

  1. Location. How accessible does the shed need to be? If you are going to be storing heavy items, is it possible to position the shed closer to where the items will ultimately be used to limit the distance you’ll have to carry them.
  2. Security. How secure does the shed need to be? What is the value of the items that will be stored there? How does that affect the decision that will have to be made about the quality of the door and lock used?
  3. Legals. What are the legal requirements and planning restrictions in your area with regard to where you position the shed in relation to your neighbors land and the size and height you can build to.
  4. Drainage (and from that the foundations you intend to use.) Is there good natural drainage in the area you intend to locate the shed and if not, what decisions to you need to make about improving the drainage and the right foundations to use.
  5. Materials and cost. Consider very carefully the materials you intent to use. Do you need to buy the most expensive timber? Well, no. A less expensive product will do the job just as well and if you care for it over the years, will last just as long.

Another thing to consider when building a shed on a budget is what you will ultimately be saving by investing in a inexpensive shed design plan as opposed to buying a pre-built shed and that is what you will ultimately save. Generally you should expect to save between 50% to 65% building your own shed against buying a shed. Also you have the personal satisfaction of starting and completing the project yourself. Inexpensive shed designs start at just a few dollars and if you buy the right one, this will undoubtedly be money well spent.

Inexpensive Shed Design Construction

Finally, and to state the obvious, building a shed is an outside job and you will need a dry area to store your materials. Plan well in advance when you intend to start the build. Should you start in the middle of winter when it’s cold and damp? Likely not the best option. Surely Spring would be a better option so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labors over the summer.